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Components of the Marine SMS

Legislation and Industry Guidance

International Legislation

European Legislation

National Legislation

Local Legislation, Byelaws

Port Marine Safety Code and Guide to Good Practice

Pilotage Directions

Special Directions and General Directions

Notice to Mariners

NPP Terms & Conditions and Site Rules

PSS/HSE Guidance on Port Operations

Safety in Docks ACOP L148

MAIB Investigation Reports, Recommendations and Bulletins

Merchant Shipping Notices

Marine Guidance Notices

Marine Information Notices

CHIRPS Publications

BPA (British Ports Association) Publications

PSS (Port Skills & Safety) Publications

NWA (National Workboat Association) Publications

UKHMA (UK Harbour Masters Association) Publications

UKMPA (UK Maritime Pilots Association) Publications

Solent & Southern Harbour Masters Association (SASHMA) Publications

South East Harbour Masters Association (UKHMA-SE) Publications

Assessments, Reviews, Audits, Plans and Consultation

Navigational Risk Register

Formal Risk Assessments

Dynamic Risk Assessments

Port Marine Operations Safety Policy and Safety Plan

Internal and External Audits and Action Plans

Management Review, Action Plan and Statement

Harbour Masters Monthly Report to the Designated Person

Harbour Masters Annual Report to the Designated Person and the Duty Holder

Designated Person’s Reports to the Duty Holder

Audits/Active Monitoring of Pilots and PEC Holders

Pilots and PEC Certificates

Port Control Guidance Notes

Port Control Emergency Checklists

Harbour Emergency Plan

Port Fire Plan

Port Oil Spill Contingency Plan

Waste Management Plan

Port Security Plan

Pilotage Committee

Port User Group

West Quay Users (Fishing) Group

Policies and Procedures (Applicable SMS Section Number in brackets) 

Personnel Organisation, Responsibilities, Training, and Qualifications Policy and Records (8)

Consultation Policy (9)

Emergency and Contingency Planning and Exercising (10)

Incident and Investigation Policy and Procedures (11)

Enforcement Policy and Procedures (12)

Disciplinary Policy and Procedures (13)

Port Control Procedures and Traffic Signals (14)

Pilotage and PEC Procedures (15)

Vessel Arrival, Alongside and Departure Procedures (16, 17, 18)

Adverse Weather Procedures (Appendix 17)

Conservancy, Surveying and Wreck Procedures (19)

Towage Procedures (20)

Mooring Procedures (21)

Dangerous Goods and Fumigants Policy and Procedures (22)

Dredging Policy and Procedures (23)

Diving Operations Policy and Procedures (24)

Bunkering Policy and Procedures (25)

Fresh Water Supply Policy and Procedures (26)

Crane and Stevedoring Policy and Procedures (27)

Port Operations Working Hours Policy (28)

Permit to Work System and Licencing of Harbour Works Policy and Procedures (29)

Maintenance, Inspections, Action Plans and Defect Reporting Policy and Procedures (30)

Inspection of logbooks, Reporting and Checklist Register Procedures (31)

PSS/HSE Guidance on Port Operations Procedures (32)

Industry Notices and Publications Procedures (33)

Waste Management Policy and Procedures (34)

Helipad Policy and Procedures (35)

Terms & Conditions of Use and Site Rules (36)

Pleasure Vessels and Jet skis – Rules and Guidance (37)

Organised events procedures (38)

Licencing of Workboats and Charter Vessels (39)

Rampion Windfarm Vessel procedures (40, 41)

Reporting and Recording

Hrbour Masters Monthly Reports to Port Manager/Designated Person

Harbour Masters Annual Report to the Designated Person and the Duty Holder

Designated Person and Chief Executive Reports to the Duty Holder

Duty Holders annual safety report

Duty Holders 3 yearly MCA compliance report

Port Marine Operations Checklist Register

Marine Incident Reporting Forms

Port Control Safe Navigation Visit Form

Marine Based Training Records

Training/Incident/Experience for NPP Port Marine Ops Staff Records

Passage Plans and Master-Pilot Information Exchange

PEC Holders Monthly Records to Harbour Master

Safety, Health, Environmental, Security & Training Officer (SHESTO) Logbook

Maintenance Supervisor monthly reports to Port Manager & Technical Manager

Port Control/Duty Officer’s Logbook

Pilot Vessel Logbooks

Visiting Vessel Information and Notices

Dangerous Goods Notes

Bunkering Checklists

Contractors and Visitors Register

Vessel Maintenance Schedules and records

Quaysides and Ladders Inspection records

LSA/PPE Inspection and service records

LOLER Inspection records

Gangways Inspection records

Pilot Boat Crew Monthly checklists

Extra Services Provision Form

Reserves for Damage

Defect Reports and Records

Permits to Work

Vessel reporting in PORTZ system

Vessel reporting in CERS system

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