H&S Policy



Newhaven Port & Properties Ltd is fully committed to meeting its responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999, and associated protective legislation, both as an employer and as a Company. To achieve those objectives it has appointed designated members of staff to be responsible for health & safety issues; to keep workplace health & safety and welfare procedures under constant review; to liaise with the Health & Safety Executive wherever necessary; and to keep Newhaven Port & Properties Ltd and its Directors abreast of new legislation, EU Directives, Regulations and British Standards, in order to ensure on-going compliance with the law.


Our Policy is to ensure the Health & Safety of our personnel, of all users of the port and operations that are entrusted to us in the full respect of safety and the environment.

Under the guidance of the Port Manager/CEO and the Managing Director/Duty Holder of Newhaven Port & Properties, the Board undertakes to support with its authority the actions which carry out our objectives and take the oath to respect the provisions described in our documents, instructions and other memoranda. Our directors and employees will strive to achieve continual improvement of managing Health & Safety throughout the Company at all levels.


We aim to ensure that all the personnel work together as a competent team for safety, protection of environment, in compliance with the rules. To reach the highest quality is our main goal.


We set up a Safety Management System and a structure that the main objective is to put in to operation the above defined policy. We fully endorse the Health & Safety, Environment and Marine Policies contained within the System.


The Company firmly supports the application of the Port Marine Safety Code and, as Port Manager/CEO and Managing Director/Duty Holder; it is our duty to ensure, through the Company Management System, that the objectives of the code and all its matters relating to Health & Safety, Environment and Marine Operations safety are carried out.


For the Board



Francois Jean
Port Manager/CEO
Newhaven Port & Properties Ltd.
September 2013           

Jean-Pierre Lucas
Managing Director/Duty Holder
Newhaven Port & Properties Ltd.
September 2013