Statutory Harbour Authority Duties & Powers

Newhaven Port & Properties Ltd obtains its statutory duties and powers from the following legislation:

Harbours, Docks and Piers Clauses Act 1847.

Newhaven Harbour, Ouse Lower Navigation and Lewes & Laughton Drainage Act 1847.

The Newhaven Harbour and Ouse Lower Navigation Improvement Act 1863.

Newhaven Harbour Improvement Act 1878.

Newhaven Harbour Amendment Act 1882.

Merchant Shipping Act 1894.

Southern Railway Act 1926.

Newhaven Harbour Byelaws 1931.

The Transport Act 1947.

The Transport Act 1962.

Harbours Act 1964.

British Railways Act 1967.

The Transport Act 1968.

The Transport Act 1981.

The Sealink Harbours Scheme 1981.

Dangerous Vessels Act 1985.

The Pilotage Act 1987.

The Sealink (Transfer of Newhaven Harbour) Order 1991. (SI 1257/1991).

Merchant Shipping Act 1995.

Railways & Transport Safety Act 2003.

MS (Vessel Traffic Monitoring and Reporting Requirements) Regs.2004/2011.

Port State Control Regulations 2011.

Marine Navigation Act 2013.

MS (Alcohol) (Prescribed Limits Amendment) Regulations 2015.

Dangerous Goods in Harbour Areas Regs 2016.

The Newhaven Harbour Revision Order 2016. (SI 151/2016).


The whole of the 1847 Harbours, Docks and Piers Clauses Act (HDPCA) was incorporated into both the 1863 and 1878 Acts which have not been repealed. The powers, duties, property, rights and liabilities under those Acts form part of the transferred harbour under the 1981 Scheme and the 1991 Order. The Newhaven Harbour Revision Order 2016 updated various parts of previous legislation, gave the power of General Direction and incorporated much of the 1847 HDPCA.


The Harbour Master and his authorised deputies have the powers of Special Direction under the Harbours, Docks and Piers Clauses Act 1847, and other powers as per sections 51 to 76 of that Act and under the Newhaven HRO 2016.


A full review of the Harbour Authority statutory powers and duties was conducted in May 2011 and throughout 2014/15, resulting in the Newhaven Harbour Revision Order 2016.