Fishing Industry

Newhaven has a fleet of around 30 operational registered smaller sized fishing vessels with moorings on the West Quay. The majority are members of The Newhaven (Sussex) Fish & Flake Ice Society.

Users should also familiarise themselves with the Port Details page on this website.

Services Offered:

Fishing boat

- Fish handling agents
- Fishery liason officer and communications
- Bait supplies both commercial and smaller quantities
- Ice supplies and cold storage space
- Welding and fabrication services
- Diesel supplied
- Marine Support Services
- Charter fishing trips at all levels of enjoyment

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Safety Management

Vessels are required to be operated in a safe manner, it is the responsibility of the owners/skippers of fishing vessels to ensure that they are compliant with the “The Merchant  Shipping and Fishing Vessels (Health and Safety at Work) regulations 1997”

A safety management system is structured from a risk assessment, this involves considering risks to health and safety onboard a fishing vessel, and applying control and mitigation measures to prevent or reduce the risks.

The safety management system can be constructed in a paper based folder or via the Seafish Industry website page ,which has been especially created for the UK legal requirements. The website is simple to use and has many advantages over the paper folder including free support and onboard visits once registered and filled in.

Other useful stuff for Fishermen:

Loading & Unloading of fishing vessels

MGN 503F Stability of small fishing vessels roll and heel test

MGN 411 Training & Certification of fishermen

MGN 494 Use of fishing vessels by the media

MCA Fishermens Safety Guide

PFD Guidance for Commercial Fishing

MAIB Safety Digest 2014 No2 Fishing

Safety Flyer Fatality Lone Working June 2015

Pelagic Landing Obligations from 1st January 2015 -

Demersal Landing Obligations from 1st January 2016 -

Fishing Industry Protocol for Archaeological Discoveries

MAIB Safety Digest No.1/2016 - Fishing Section

Shellfish Permit Byelaws Information May 2016

MAIB Safety Digest No.2/2016 - Fishing Section

MAIB Safety Digest No1/2017 - Fishing Section

MAIB Safety Digest No.2/2017 - Fishing Section 

MIN 558 - Fishing Safety Management Code - Nov2017

MSN 1871 - The Code of Practice for the Safety of Small Fishing Vessels of less than 15m

MGN 570 - Emergency Drills

MGN 571 - Prevention of Manoverboard 

MGN 581 - Registration_Surveys_for_Fishing_Vessels_of_less_than_15m_built_before_16_July_2007

MCGA Fishing Vessel Stability Guidance

MAIB Safety Flyer Vertrouwen v James 2 - March 2018

MAIB Safety Flyer Varuna Fatal Manoverboard - November 2017

MIN 558 - Fishing Vessels Safety Management Systems - July 2018

MGN591 - Safe Access to Fishing Vessels and Small Vessels in Port

MGN587 - Fishing vessel Owners Skippers and Crew Health & Safety responsibilities

Fish Landings Obligations 2019