Port Waste Management Plan

Newhaven Port & Properties Ltd (NPP) is the Statutory Harbour Authority for the Port of Newhaven. The Harbour Limits and therefore its jurisdiction extend from the north of North Quay No.5 berth to approximately 2 miles south of the harbour entrance. The discharge of any form of waste into the waters of the harbour is strictly prohibited by International legislation. This applies to garbage, sewage, oil and any other form of polluting material. The Harbour Master has powers to detain any vessel suspected of discharging such waste and reporting such vessel to the authorities for prosecution.

The Harbour Authority’s aim in producing this Waste Management Plan is to:-

  • Ensure that there are adequate reception facilities throughout the harbour to meet the needs of all vessels normally using Newhaven.
  • Encourage the segregation and onward recycling of as much waste as possible.
  • Provide clear information to all port users as to the location and methods of all types of waste disposal within the harbour.
  • Ensure a transparent charging system exists.
  • Provide a method for vessels to report inadequacies of facilities.
  • Provide a method for ongoing consultation with harbour users, waste reception.
  • facility providers and waste collection contractors.
  • Provide a method for recording the types and quantities of waste received to ensure continued adequacy of facilities and to enable annual reports to be made to the authorities.

The person responsible for the implementation of this plan is the Newhaven Harbour Master.

The plan will be formally reviewed and approval sought from the MCA at intervals not exceeding 3 years.

Individual terminals/berths and marinas/moorings within the harbour are responsible for compiling their own waste management system and plan, to ensure provision of adequate waste reception facilities for the vessels normally using those establishments and to ensure that the waste is collected by licensed and reputable contractors.

Records of the types and quantities of waste handled must be kept by the terminal/berth/moorings Manager and an annual summary provided to the Harbour Master by the 31st March of each and every year. The form to be completed is in “Appendix C” of the plan.

Each individual terminal/berth/moorings Manager is responsible for providing up to date information to the Harbour Master on facilities provided on their sites and to notify the Harbour Master and the MCA of any changes to their plans.

To download the Port Waste Management Plan Nov 2016 (pdf) please CLICK

The Vessel Pre-Arrival Waste Notification Form has been replaced by the CERS 3 Workbook, available at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-cers-workbook

For Vessel declaration of International Catering Waste (ICW) Cleanliness Form please CLICK