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"Topjack” Jack-Up Barge lays over in the Western Bight

On Tuesday 5th December, Newhaven were asked if they could take the jack-up barge “Topjack” into the Port to shelter from the bad weather forecast.

The jack-up was under tow from London to Littlehampton by the tug MTS Indus, when the weather forecast caused concern for their entry into Littlehampton.

Happy to oblige, Newhaven Port accepted the vessel and she arrived on Wednesday 6th December. With the assistance of Newhaven Pilots, the vessel was manoeuvred into position adjacent to the Western Promenade seawall by the “MTS Indus”, Sub-Search Marine mini-tug “Runner” and the Newhaven Port Authority workboat “Magnus Musson”. The barge then jacked up clear of the water and settled in for a nice safe lay over in Newhaven with the Port Authority suppling and installing a gangway and security fencing on the promenade. The weather then deteriorated as had been forecast, but the Topjack remained safe and secure.



On Friday 15th December, the Williams Shipping Tug “Willendeavour” arrived from Southampton to prepare to take the Topjack under tow and resume the passage to Littlehampton. The Willendeavour and the Topjack departed on the morning of Saturday 16th December. The work the Topjack will be carrying out in Littlehampton is essential flood defence work along the banks of the River Arun on behalf of the Environment Agency.