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Newhaven Port Annual Management Review Meeting 2019

Newhaven Port & Properties Ltd held a Management Review Meeting on Wednesday 6th November 2019, an annual event to assist the Management team in continuing to improve the operation of the Port from Health, Safety & Environmental and Port Marine Safety Code aspects. It was an opportunity for the Chairman and Managing Director, representing The Board, as Duty Holder, to satisfy themselves that the port is running as they would expect and in compliance with all legislation and guidance.

The meeting was attended by Alain Bazille (NPP Chairman of the Board), Jean-Pierre Lucas (Managing Director), Michael Smewing (Port Manager, CEO and Designated Person), Captain Dave Collins-Williams (Harbour Master), Kevin Holmes (Port Engineer), Mick Smith (Health, Safety, Environmental, Security & Training Officer) and Julie Eason (Finance, Property and HR Manager).

As a conclusion to the meeting, an Action Plan was drawn up, recording the objectives considered important for the forthcoming 12 months and to whom the responsibility lies to implement them. The Safety Management System annual report and the Action Plan will together form the annual review of the SMS and the Safety Plan required by the Port Marine Safety Code.

Following feedback after the meeting, on behalf of the Board of Directors, both the Chairman and Managing Director are delighted to announce that in their opinion the Port of Newhaven continues to be in compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code and complies with H&S requirements.

The Chairman, Alain Bazille and the Managing Director, Jean-Pierre Lucas, wish to congratulate and show their full support for the efforts of all the staff at Newhaven Port who continue to strive to improve it’s safe running.