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Excalibur returns to Newhaven

We are pleased to welcome back the Fugro Jack-up rig the Excalibur, which arrived in the Western Bight yesterday evening (Friday 3rd April 2020), assisted by the Deep-sea tug "TSM Kermor", the Shoreham harbour tug "Acamar" and the Newhaven workboat "Magnus Musson".

Unlike her smaller sister vessel "WaveWalker 1" which is layed up for a few months in the Bight, the "Excalibur" is here to mobilise for her next job off the Danish coast, with an estimated 2 weeks in Newhaven.

There will be a lot of activity and works going on to prepare her for the job and so the entire eastern section of the Promenade will be securely fenced off to the public starting from today. The crew and contractors are key workers under the Government Covid 19 rules as they are working in the maritime offshore sector.

Not that there should be many of the public out and about at this time of lockdown, but Fugro wish to put the public's mind at rest with the following statement.

"We are working in line with UK Government guidelines regarding COVID restrictions and have assessed both the need for the works and the associated risks. No employee or subcontractor shall be mobilized to our site if they or any member of their family have had symptoms of COVID-19 infection. We have come together and developed a Response Plan in the event one of our members develops signs of infection.

We have, of course, put members of the public foremost in our consideration and have made every reasonable effort to avoid altogether any contact between our crew and the public at Newhaven.  There will be no unnecessary excursions off the barge, and all precautions are being taken to minimize contact. The project has been fully risk assessed".

Excalibur 2020