Port Masterplan

Newhaven Port & Properties Ltd began the process of preparing a Masterplan for the Port in September 2009 and they appointed a team of consultants to assist them in this process. The Port Masterplan was published in January 2012.

A port masterplan (PMP) clarifies the port’s strategic planning in the medium to long term and informs the port users, employees and local communities about potential future port development. In addition the PMP supports local and regional planners and transport network providers in revising their strategies (related to their planning review cycle).

Stakeholders Workshop 1

The first Stakeholders Workshop, which was held in the Enterprise Centre on Denton Island in Newhaven on Monday 16th November 2009, was the first of three planned consultations with key stakeholders. You can download the document below:

Stakeholder Workshop No.1 Booklet - 12MB

Stakeholders Workshop 2

The second stakeholder workshop was carried out on 30th June 2010. The emerging options from the masterplan were discussed at this workshop and a booklet detailing the outcomes can be downloaded below

Stakeholder Workshop No.2 Booklet - 6MB

A consultation workshop has also been carried out with NPP employees and the Newhaven Port User Group.


Stakeholders Workshop 3

The final stakeholder event was carried out on 23rd June 2011 with the Port Masterplan being presented to stakeholders. The Port Masterplan document is currently being approved by NPP's board of directors and will be released shortly.

Final Stakeholder Event Handouts - 2MB


Port Masterplan

Issued January 2012.

Masterplan Part One - 9MB
Masterplan Part Two - 7MB