The charges listed below are made by the Statutory Harbour Authority pursuant to the Harbours, Docks & Piers Clauses Act 1847, the Harbours Act 1964 and the Newhaven Harbour Acts & Orders 1863 to 2016. They are subject to alteration and revision at any time. VAT rates are in addition where applicable.

All use of the Port is subject to Newhaven Port & Properties Ltd (NPP) Terms & Conditions which can be found on our website or requested from the Harbour Office. All vessels using the harbour must be adequately insured.


a). Vessel/Ship Dues

i). Vessels to load/discharge/transfer        =   £1.47 per GT.

ii). Vessels for laying up, repairs, bunkering, stores, crew change, fresh water,
ice, mobilisation/demobilisation, etc…….   =  £5.32 per metre LOA per 24 hrs or part thereof.

iii). Vessels discharging fish                       =   £29.99 per metre LOA per 24 hrs or part thereof.

Any vessel remaining in the harbour limits after completion of discharge/loading/transferring will then be charged as per section 3 below.

b). Cargo/Goods Dues per tonne

Quarried Roadstone = £0.51

Sea-won Aggregates = £0.25

Scrap Metal = £1.14

Rock/Block Stone = £0.75

Rocksalt = £0.46

Glass cullet = £0.63

Biomass products = £0.53

Bulk Liquids = £2.52

Miscellaneous items over the quayside/ship to ship = £11.54

c). Passenger Dues = £6.00 per adult and £3.05 per child (under 16).

2a/. Residential Vessels Mooring fees for NPP Berths (Multihull vessels pay +50%)

i). Work Vessels = £307.54 per metre length per annum.                                            

ii). Fishing Vessels = £153.18 per metre length per annum.                             

(6 month terms discretionally available paying 65% of the above).                                                           

2b/. Residential Vessels Harbour Dues for anywhere in Harbour Limits

i). Work Vessels = £41.24 per metre length per annum.                                                           

ii). Fishing Vessels = £29.46 per metre length per annum.                                                  

iii). Pleasure Vessels = £17.67 per metre length per annum.

(6 month terms discretionally available paying 65% of the above).                                                    

3/. Visiting Vessels and any other vessel not covered in 1 or 2 above

i). Harbour dues applicable anywhere in harbour limits = £2.66 per metre length per 24 hrs or part thereof. 

ii). Mooring fees on NPP berths/at anchor in harbour limits (except when anchored awaiting Newhaven Pilot) = £2.66 per metre length per 24 hrs or part thereof.

4/. General Port Services

i). Mooring Charges = £252 per attend.

ii). Fresh Water Supply = £5.29 per m3 or part thereof (minimum charge of £165). 

iii). Dues on the transfer of Oil Products or Waste Oil within harbour limits = £2.62 per tonne or part thereof (minimum charge of £165).

iv). Hire of Gangway = £187 per 24 hrs or part thereof. Elsewhere in the Port, daily charges apply plus transportation and lifting fees at cost plus 15%.

v). Issue of Permit to Work for fully Contracted Crane Lift over quayside = £121

vi). Hire of Forklift/Tugmaster = £149 per hour.

vii). Hire of Workboat = £228 per hour.

viii). Mandatory Waste charge = £120 East Quay, £55 North Quay.

ix). ISPS (Security) Admin Fee = £69.

x). CERS (Reporting) Admin Fee = £69

Newhaven Harbour Pilotage Charges

Pursuant to Section 10 of the Pilotage Act 1987, Newhaven Port & Properties Ltd as the Competent Harbour Authority for Newhaven Harbour hereby makes the following list of changes effective from: 1st January 2023.


1. From sea to Newhaven Harbour or vice versa:

a) Up to 70 metres LOA                                                         £242.00
b) Plus per metre or part thereof in excess of 70 metres       £15.67

2. Vessels (with the exception of conventional ferries) or combinations of vessels with a beam of 20 metres or over shall pay, in addition to the above rates a charge of £66.00 per metre beam, or part thereof, in excess of 20 metres.

3. For shifting a vessel within the harbour which has previously employed the services of a Pilot to enter the Harbour: 50% of applicable pilotage fee.

4 . When the Pilot and/or linesmen have been booked for a vessel arrival/departure time and there is more than 1 hour delay; or the ETA/ETD is amended outside of normal office hours; there will be a charge of £220.

5 . Vessels, other than ferries, operating under an authorised pilotage exemption certificate (PEC) will pay 40% of the standard pilotage rates in 1a and 1b above.

6.  The charge for a PEC examination will be £440.

7.  The charge for a PEC renewal will be £220.


1. The charge for boarding or landing a Newhaven Pilot shall be:            £144.00

2. Mooring Charges per attendance                                                          £252.00

3. Use of workboat for passive/active manoeuvring assistance                £228.00

4. Use of Pilot Boat for Crew Changes/Deep Sea Pilot Transfer/Spares and Stores: - £312 per hour or part thereof. A cancellation fee of £220 if booked and then cancelled.

Latest News and Announcements

Newhaven Port places order for new Pilot Vessel

30th June 2023
Newhaven Harbour invests in a new build Pilot boat. Marine operations at Newhaven in East Sussex are set to benefit from a new pilot boat built by Goodchild Marine Services Limited who are one of the country’s leading boat builders. The Great Yarmouth based company will construct an ORC 121 for the port to replace its ageing...

Dangerous Anglers on East Pier and West Side

14th June 2023
NOTICE TO ANGLERS/FISHERFOLK IN NEWHAVEN HARBOUR Fishing/Angling in the harbour is prohibited under the Harbour byelaws. The activity has been tolerated whilst it does not impact on other legitimate Port users. Sadly, some fishermen/anglers are abusing the tolerance by interfering with the safe passage of boats and the safety of persons in those boats. The casting towards or...

Newhaven Port Starts Generating Solar Energy

22nd May 2023
Newhaven Port has taken a major step forward in its commitment to install large scale renewable energy at the Port. The first phase has involved working with SGS Energy, installing 486 solar panels on the roof of the Ferry Terminal and Freight Shed, which will have the capacity to generate 200kWp. The electricity that will...

Newhaven Business Grants Programme

10th May 2023
The Newhaven Business Grants Programme offers grants to SME businesses in the Newhaven Town Deal area. Businesses can apply for grants of 50% of the cost of capital projects up to £20,000. This could include new equipment, machinery, commercial vehicle,and property adaptations.  The programme is part of the Newhaven Town Deal and is funded by Lewes District...


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