• All visitors must follow the Harbour Byelaws and Directions (which can be seen at www.newhavenport.com or at the Harbour Masters office). Use of any port access road is only permitted to those authorised by NPP, (the “Port Authority”) or on company business for an approved NPP tenant. The only exception to these rules is freedom of access for emergency vehicular access.
  • NPP have the right to refuse access to any vehicle and/or person or to remove any person or vehicle causing a nuisance or failing to abide by these rules or the Byelaws/Directions, or failing to obey the reasonable instructions of Port Staff.
  • Liability remains with the vehicle driver(s) and their employer who will ensure that they have adequate insurance.
  • All drivers delivering to vessels berthed at East Quay must check in at the Port Operations office.
  • Users of access roads MUST comply with NPP health and safety requirements and these site rules.
  • Pedestrians MUST stay within the confines of any walkway which will be clearly identified.
  • Perimeter/boundary fencing, access gates and crash barriers along the length of the road MUST be kept clear at all times and not be altered, interfered with or damaged. In the event of loss or damage NPP MUST be notified immediately and repairs will be to NPP satisfaction.
  • Users of the access road shall not cause any pollution or harm to the environment that could be deemed to be a breach of environmental law. In the event of a breach of this obligation NPP MUST be contacted immediately. Approval must then be gained prior to the required remediation steps taken by the offender.
  • Any person requiring access to either NPP or the various tenants on site MUST have a pre-arranged appointment or approved by NPP or the various tenants upon arrival.
  • All visitors will be required to provide proof of identity (photograph) to Security Personnel who are entitled to conduct random personnel searches.
  • All persons accessing the East Quay site MUST wear as a minimum the following PPE: hi-vis jacket or vest and suitable footwear when outside of any vehicle. Lifejackets must be worn at the quayside.
  • The speed limit on the access road is 20mph. Seat belts MUST be worn and dipped headlights or hazard lights must be switched on.
  • All vehicles may be subject to a visual inspection and search by the security guard, upon entry and exit of the site. CCTV is in operation throughout the Port.
  • No photography shall be permitted on NPP premises without prior approval.
  • A railway level crossing is present just after entering the East Quay Site. Prior to travelling over the crossing, all vehicles shall stop and check for oncoming trains. When barriers are down no access is permitted across the crossing.
  • Any amendments to the site rules relating to access to the Port Site and associated sites shall be adhered to.
  • A warning system shall apply to all of the above site rules. Continued breach of these rules will result in access being denied.
  • All use of the Port is subject to Newhaven Port & Properties Ltd Terms & Conditions.

    By order of : Harbour Master & Port Manager.
    Revised August 2012


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