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Sail Cargo Vessel NORDYLS comes to Newhaven

The Nordlys is a 25m LOA ketch, with a draft of 2.9m, constructed in 1873 and possibly the World’s oldest cargo ship still working. The vessel is completely engineless and relies on the wind to get her from A to B, transporting cargo around Europe as part of the Fairtransport Revolution and the Sail Cargo Alliance (SCA) that brings together ships, producers and consumers.

SCA is going to be partnering with the International Wind Ships Association in the Dual Ports project funded by INTERREG North Sea Region, to gather data and develop policy recommendations at EU level to promote sail cargo as a low carbon shipping alternative.


Bringing a cargo of 200 x 5 litre olive oil containers, loaded in Porto Portugal, direct from growers in Portugal to customers in Brighton and Hove. The vessel departed Porto on 20th September and called at Noirmoutier in France, Fowey in Cornwall and Brixham in Devon before finally arriving in Newhaven at 1600hrs on 24th October.

The call to Newhaven was arranged by Sail Cargo South East, a partnership of several organisations who had arranged to ship the 1000 litres of olive oil.

The vessel may be only 25m long but with no engine, that means assistance is required to get in and out of harbours. At Newhaven, that help was gladly provided by the Newhaven Harbour Master, Pilots, Pilot boat crews and by using the Cutts Marine Services workboat Coastrunner.

The Nordlys departed for Den Helder, Netherlands on the morning of 25th October