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MAIB Safety Flyers for Fishing and Recreational Angling Boats

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch have today released two safety flyers concerning the collision between the MFV Vertrouwen and the recreational Angling boat James 2 and the subsequent loss of 3 lives, off Shoreham last summer.

Main points to note:-
No lookout being kept on either vessel, either visually or radar.
No Personal Flotation Devices (PFD's) being worn or carried on the angling boat.
No Navigation lights on the angling boat.
Improper use of decklights on the fishing boat.
No knowledge or experience on the angling boat of how to use VHF.
No flares carried on angling boat.
All the anglers were consuming alcohol.
Inappropriate use of computer, mobile phone and social media on the fishing boat.

Safety flyer for the Fishing Industry

Safety flyer for the Recreational/Angling community