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Phase 1 works commence for the regeneration of the Port for the Maritime future of Newhaven


Planning Permission LW/15/0034

Refurbishment of the existing multi-purpose berth at East Quay including the construction of a new multi-purpose berth and slipway at the southern end of the East Quay; Levelling the backshore area to the east of the new multi-purpose berth to create a new Land Development Area (LDA) and Establishment of a 3.5ha nature reserve above mean high water springs (MHWS) to the east of the LDA area. Capital dredging of the existing approach channel (deepening and localised widening and extension); Capital dredging of the berthing pocket alongside East Quay; Demolition of part of the East Pier structure; (Use of dredged material, where possible, as fill for levelling the LDA. Material not suitable for use as fill or for an alternative use would be disposed of at Newhaven Port & Properties Ltd (NPP)'s existing licensed offshore disposal ground).

The works currently underway are Phase 1 of the implementation of permission LW/15/0034 which comprise the following:

The levelling of the backshore area to the east of the permitted new multi-purpose berth, to create a new Land Development Area (LDA).

The area will be cleared of vegetation and levelled at the height required by the Environment Agency for flood defence purposes and will be fenced for security purposes.

These works are being carried out by Knights Brown Construction Ltd on behalf of Newhaven Port & Properties Ltd and with the support of Hemsley Orrell Partnership as Consulting Civil, Structural & Marine Engineers.

These Phase 1 works are anticipated to be completed by the end of November 2018.

All enquiries should be directed to: 01323 406566.