There are a growing number of youths jumping into the river from both the East Pier and The Narrows Timbers (opposite The Hope Inn). Some are swimming across the river from one side to the other. Other youths are throwing stones at vessels as they pass by, including the Ferries, the Pilot boat, the Windfarm crew transfer vessels, fishing vessels and recreational craft. They have already smashed a window on one vessel causing distress to the crew and limiting the service capability of the vessel.
It may seem like harmless fun to some, but to the Port Control staff, vessel masters and skippers, the Coastguard and the Police it is a serious issue. This behaviour could easily result in life changing injuries or death. 


Jumping from a height of over 10m (at low water) into depths of less than 2m with a hard shingle river bed or perhaps unseen obstructions such as rocks, anchors, steel piles.
At any state of the tide, tidal streams sweeping the youths out to sea or into the path of vessels.
At any state of the tide, cold water shock resulting in drowning.
At any state of the tide, struck by a vessel or sucked into the propellors.
Vessels trying to avoid the youths may then collide with each other.

The throwing of stones at vessels may well cause injury or death as well as the commercial and financial implications to the owner due to the damage caused. There are real people onboard these vessels with lives and families of their own, either enjoying themselves on the water or earning their living on it. They should not expect to be under attack from youths. This is causing distress to normal people going about their business.

PLEASE educate your children that this is a dangerous thing to be doing. 



nat maritime

nat maritime

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