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Newhaven Port Access Road Bridge Beam Deliveries UPDATED

Newhaven Port Access Road - ESCC/Bam Nuttall announcement:-

Bridge Beam Deliveries

Dear Local Resident,

As you may be aware at the end of 2019 the Port Access Road project took delivery of the first six bridge beams to the South and North compounds. We are now looking forward to the arrival of the final 3 sections.

Please note that the date of the deliveries has changed from that previously notified for operational and transport reasons. We are now expecting the third and final delivery to take place between the 13th and 14th of February 2020. This delivery, comprising of three braced pairs again, will be the shortest of the beams delivered at approximately 30m long.

Due to their size they are being transported under an Abnormal Load Movement Order and will have a police escort. The time of the movement is dictated to us by the local authorities and written into the Order. It is unclear at this point as to the exact timings of the deliveries but it is likely the beams will arrive in Newhaven sometime late morning to early afternoon. This will be dictated on the day by the police escort.

We currently expect the beams to start the transit through East Sussex on Thursday 13th February. During this time delays are to be expected as the beams manoeuvre through the local road systems.

The route of the beams is as follows:

Leaves the layby on the A23 at Warninglid, where it will have been parked overnight, with police escort. It will then travel south on the A23 to the A23/A27 interchange where it will negotiate the interchange and head west on the A27. The beam will then leave the A27 at the Shoreham junction where it will then join the A27 again this time heading east. The beam will leave the A27 at the Beddingham roundabout where it will head south on the A26 towards Newhaven. On entering Newhaven the beam will continue to the roundabout with the A259 by the level crossing. It will then turn right and then left into Railway Road. It will then continue down Railway Road to the East Quay port entrance.

Residents are requested not to park on McKinley Way to avoid issues with the beams transiting to their destinations.

Full details of the beam deliveries can be seen in the table below: Beam Delivery

Time into Newhaven





13th November 2019

East Quay, Newhaven Port COMPLETED



14th November 2019

East Quay, Newhaven Port COMPLETED



15th November 2019

East Quay, Newhaven Port COMPLETED



4th December 2019

McKinley Way, NewhavenCOMPLETED



5th December 2019

McKinley Way, NewhavenCOMPLETED



6th December 2019

McKinley Way, NewhavenCOMPLETED



13th February 2020

East Quay, Newhaven Port



14th February 2020

East Quay, Newhaven Port


 For further information on the scheme please refer to the following:



Phone: 01651 267007

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