HMRC Customs Operational support


HMRC will provide a range of support to customs and international trade customers. Our support model is designed to help all customers from large-scale and more complex to those with smaller, more general needs. Our offering can be categorised as follows:


Customs & International Trade Helpline

The helpline will be the main route in for customers with general customs queries for the majority of our customers. We have scaled up capacity on this team over the next 6 weeks to handle anticipated demand. Colleagues on the helpline are able to handle the vast majority of operational queries. The helpline operates via a phone number (0300 322 9434) and has Webchat capability access via


HMRC Customs and International Trade helpline: 0300 322 9434 The helpline is staffed from 8am until 4pm on weekends and 8am until 6pm on weekdays.

HMRC Online Services Helpdesk: 0300 200 3600 The helpdesk is available 8am until 6pm on weekdays only.


Hauliers must register for GVMS. TSS cannot do this for you. You will need a valid GB EORI to use GVMS.

  • • If you need to request a GB EORI number urgently, or are having problems using your EORI number in GVMS, call the Customs and International Trade helpline
  • • If you need to reset your GVMS Password, contact the Online Services Helpdesk during weekdays and the Customs and International Trade helpline at weekends.

In the event we are experiencing any system outages or known problems, we will aim to broadcast short support messages on this line.


Note - these helplines are not able to provide support on using GVMS. Guidance on using GVMS is available on GOV.UK.


Trader Support Service (TSS) for movements crossing GB to NI

Register for the Trader Support Service (TSS) If you have not already registered for TSS online at

You can use the emergency registration procedure, if you are stuck at a port, through the TSS contact centre.

Contact centre agents will be able to support you registering for the service over the telephone and help you request a valid XI EORI number through HMRC if you do not already have one.

Telephone: 0800 060 8888 – Option 1 This service is available between 7.30am and 10pm.



National Clearance Hub

Across all customer groups we will of course have the National Clearance Hub which supports border movements. This will continue to operate 24/7 right through the Christmas and New Year period. We have added additional capacity to this team in anticipation of demand increasing in the run-up to and beyond the end of the Brexit Transition Period. The email address for NCH is


Borders support

Customers frequently have questions around a specific consignment that is already live in transit. These queries may therefore be more time sensitive and the borders operational teams will focus on ensuring those goods progress through clearance smoothly. The email address is and we aim to respond within 2 days whenever possible.



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nat maritime

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