Newhaven Port & Properties has confirmed that work has begun on their north link road on Monday, March 15. The new link road will connect to the recently completed Newhaven Port Access Road, which has been constructed by East Sussex County Council.

Once finished, the link road will enable all HGV traffic to enter and leave the East Quay Port site using the new access road.

Work on the project, which is due to be finished by the end of June, will be carried out by Jacksons Civils, the same Company that constructed the Newhaven  Flood Allevation Scheme.

Cllr Rupert Simmons, lead member for economy, said: “It is fantastic news that work is starting on the link road. When the road is completed it will improve road links for freight traffic coming to Newhaven and join up with the County Council’s Port Access Road unlocking business areas of the port.

“This project is another boost to the local economy and will support our economic recovery plan for the county over the coming months and years.”

Captain Dave Collins-Williams, Port Manager and Harbour Master at Newhaven Port & Properties, said: “We are delighted that work is about to commence on the next stage of this vital development. Once completed the link road will take heavy freight traffic away from Railway Road and Beach Road, improving the lives of local residents.”

The timing of the work coincides with the Brexit requirement for certain freight traffic disembarking at the port to visit a Border Control Post if they are required to be inspected by DEFRA agencies. The Border Control Post will be constructed within the existing East Quay warehouses with funding from the Government’s Port Infrastructure Fund.


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