6 weeks to go - New import controls are coming on 30 April

Check what you need to do to be compliant and avoid disruption to your business and supply chain.  

New import controls have been introduced and further changes will come into effect from 30 April 2024. This email provides information on both what you need to do to comply now and when the additional changes are implemented. 


What changes are coming on 30 April 2024?


In addition to complying with the current controls that came into effect on January 31, from 30 April 2024 traders must:  

Ensure goods from EU /EFTA enter GB through an appropriately designated Border Control Post (BCP) or Control Point (CP) for your commodity type and present the consignment for inspection when called where risk-based documentary, identity and physical checks may take place.  Existing inspections of high-risk plants and plant products from the EU, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein will move from Places of Destination (PoDs) to BCP and CP’s.

Upload IUU documents to the CHED import notification created in IPAFFS for a consignment containing fish or fishery products for human consumption before submitting the import notification.

Additionally, imports from non-EU/EFTA risk assessed countries will begin to align with the BTOM regime. Changes to import controls for non-EU/EFTA risk assessed countries will include:

The simplification of imports including removal of health certification and routine checks on low-risk animal and plant products (they may be subject to intelligence-led interventions).

A reduction of physical and identity checks on medium-risk animal products  

Find out more about non-EU/EFTA BTOM risk categories for Animal Products

Find out more about non-EU/EFTA BTOM risk categories for Plant Products


Start preparing for the changes to border controls for plants and plant products


From 30 April 2024, high-risk plants and plant products must come through a Border Control Post (BCP) or Control Point (CP) where identity and physical checks will be carried out. Checks will no longer take place at Places of Destination (PoDs). 

Alongside this, documentary checks and physical and identity checks at the border will be introduced for medium-risk goods imported from the EU. In line with the reduced frequency of checks, checks will have a baseline of 3% for EU imports and 5% for non-EU imports, but may be different in specific cases, where additional risk factors apply. Please note, this doesn’t include medium-risk fruit and vegetables, if you are importing these goods from the EU, Switzerland or Liechtenstein to GB you will continue to be exempt from plant health controls on these goods. Further updates will be communicated shortly.

As we approach the 30 April 2024 deadline, it is important that you look to plan your journeys to BCPs or CPs as early as possible. This will help to reduce any potential delays to your onward journey and ensure compliance with the new UK phytosanitary regime. We have created a map containing a list of BCPs and CPs which you’ll find on our Plant Health Portal.

In the meantime, you should adhere to the existing PoD requirements for high-risk plants and plant products until 23:59:59 on the 29 April. 

3 weeks until PEACH Closure - have you started using IPAFFS for your Import Notifications for plants and plant products?  

If you are an importer of plants and plant products, from 00:00:01 on Monday 8 April 2024, current users of the PEACH system will no longer be able to log onto PEACH and it will not be possible to submit import pre-notifications using this system. You must register for the IPAFFS system and start using IPAFFS now.    

All importers must be registered with a UK address within IPAFFS to ensure they can submit import pre-notifications. Please visit this link if you need to register for IPAFFS. To ensure full registration information is provided, please ensure that links to an agent (if required) and the address book are up to date and ready to use for your import notification. 

Training for importers of plants and plant products to support your transition from PEACH to IPAFFS

To support your transition from PEACH to IPAFFS we are running weekly one hour training sessions that provide a live walkthrough of the new process. Please register for a time that suits you via the links below.

Invitation to register and submit notifications via IPAFFS – Training Links 

You can also watch our pre-recorded training session here.  

Guidance on IPAFFS is available on GOV.UK. and further details visit our Plant Health Information Portal Import IT Systems page. You will be able to find the following information:  

·         IPAFFS for Plants Guidance 

·         IPAFFS FAQs 

·         How to locate Commodity Codes 

·         IPAFFS Synonym List for Plants 

·         IPAFFS Training Links 

·         HMRC Customs Declaration codes for IPAFFS 


Resources to help you comply with the new controls and prepare for the changes that are coming


Sign up to our series of webinars for traders. These sessions will tell you all you need to know about changes to import processes from 30 April 2024 under the Border Target Operating Model. They will provide a step-by-step guide to importing to GB from EU/EFTA and will provide information on entering through a port of entry with a border control post and outline what happens once you get there.

Join our session at 2pm on Thursday 21st March to find out about the forthcoming changes for products of animal origin: BTOM: Prepare for import controls from 30 April ‘24 (animal products) Tickets, Thu 21 Mar 2024 at 14:00 | Eventbrite

If you’re importing plants or plant products, sign up to our webinar: BTOM: Prepare for the upcoming import controls from Apr'24 (plants focused) Tickets, Thu 11 Apr 2024 at 11:00 | Eventbrite

Visit our YouTube channel and watch recordings of our previous webinars for traders.

Read our summary of common errors that have been identified through the documentary checks undertaken since the new controls were implemented. 

Read the Frequently Asked Questions we have received about IPAFFS and Health Certificates.  

Read our guidance on how to comply with your legal responsibilities for:

·         importing live animals and animal products to Great Britain

·         importing plants and plant products from the EU to Great Britain

·         importing plants and plant products from non-EU countries to Great Britain


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