On Thursday 6th June the nation will come together to remember the tens of thousands of allied forces who gave service on D-DAY eighty years ago and helped secure the peace we in the UK enjoy today.

Across the UK, from early morning when the sun rises to evening as night descends, church bells will ring out, special flags will be flown, schoolchildren will learn stories about their great grandparents, town criers will proclaim the victory, the haunting sound of bagpipes will fill the air and, in a final gesture of homage, beacons and Lamp Lights of Peace will be lit to signify the light that emerged from the dreadful darkness of war. In 1944, Newhaven played an extremely important embarkation point for the D-Day landings, and at any one time the port was capable of handling 4 medium Express Coasters, 3 Landing Craft Tanks, 1 Landing Craft Infantry, 18,000 Troops per embarkation and 19 vessels per 24 hrs.

 Newhaven Town Council has joined forces with Newhaven Fort and Newhaven Historical Society & Museum to bring a series of events to our community which focuses on the role the town played in the largest naval, air and land operation in history.

 If you would like to learn more about D-Day or join us in paying tribute to all those that paid the ultimate sacrifice on D-Day and throughout WWII, please see below for further details or download the What’s On Guide



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nat maritime

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