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Newhaven joins European Port Cluster

5 ports from Belgium, UK & Germany agreed on blue energy cooperation

Seanergy Ports is an international collaboration of 5 sea ports: Port of Oostende (BE), Port of Ramsgate (UK), Port of Newhaven (UK), Brunsbüttel Ports (GE) and Rendsburg Port (GE). It has been founded in order to remain competitive in new markets such as the offshore wind business. Seanergy Ports was officially launched on October 10th at the slot conference of  Lopinod. Lopinod is an European cooperation of different ports and challenges existing thinking on freight distribution and offers a more sustainable and efficient alternative.

Today in a world of global competition and over-regulation, small and medium sized ports are confronted with an increasing number of significant multifaceted challenges. In order to remain competitive, they require innovative port financing instruments, resource efficient operations and equipment, novelty technological solutions, modern infrastructure and skilled and versatile staff.

Some of the ports have the opportunity to invest in new emerging sectors, like the blue industry, or to specialize in niche markets. Small and medium-sized ports can overcome their handicaps of seize and location by jointly developing transnational collaboration schemes and clustering information, service providers, projects, expertise, business ideas, hence sharing costs and making savings.

The partners have a focus on the development and the implementation of the blue industry, including offshore wind , wave and tidal energy . With the focus on ‘environmental friendly logistics and low carbon economic development, Seanergy Ports want to contribute to the 2030 EU objectives in the field of EU energy management and innovative economic development.

There are 3 important objectives:
Seanergy Ports is an international information platform where potential clients can easily find all relevant information needed for their project(s) or activity(ies) in a particular port or a cluster of ports.
Seanergy Ports is an international expertise forum where port managers can exchange expertise in the field of handling and organizing major logistic and economic projects at sea and on land, as well as in energy effiency and the implementation of low carbon economic development .
Seanergy Ports will also act as a single voice to the local and international authorities in order to develop and promote common quality standards and methodologies

On Friday Octobre 10th a Letter of Intent was signed in Oostende with the following ports: Port of Oostende (managing director Paul Gérard), Port of Ramsgate (harbour master, Robert Brown), Port of Newhaven (CEO Capt François Jean), Rendsburg Port and Brunsbüttel Ports (assistant to managing director, Carsten Lorleberg).

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